Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May's closure

April and May have gone by so fast.  We are rapidly approaching Friday, our last day of school.  We'll have the last bits of clean-up, maybe a little movie during school and then the potluck at noon with awards and some presentations by the students.

The following are some pictures taken this month, sorry, there is so much packing to do, cleaning to accomplish and the odds and ends to tie up that I really don't have the time to be too wordy right now.

For PE, the kids really didn't want to play, they wanted to go for a walk.  Well, they are still kids and ended up playing anyhow, that guard rail turned into a balance beam!

A village resident overheard me talking about wishing I had gotten the opportunity to head out to South Spit and find some of the glass floats that people have tubs of around here.  Later that evening, he showed up at my door with 6 of them.  I taught myself how to tie around one of them, this is the result, one continuous string, hanger included.  I took it to him later as a thank you, I'll be coming home with the other 5, knowing how to tie this version of the net and looking forward to hitting up a craft store for some materials and maybe beads!

Fly in, fly out....well, we get barges too.  I sure hope that's how this got here.  I rode in the back of this while helping a resident earlier this month.  Let's hope it's the only time I ever have to ride in one!  Oh, we have a water truck too!

For the past week, I've made pancakes every morning for any student who wants them in the morning.  I've had lots of takers and made a very large dent in the pancake mix.  This was a special request, choc. chip pancakes.  I've gotten very good at pancake making now, though, not so great at eating them.

Oh, we had chicks hatch at the school!  They were so cute, I had never been able to experience it before.  I have to say, the little golden ones hold a special place because I remember seeing them at Wilco when I was younger, however, the little black and grey one below is my favorite!  He had so much personality and was the only one like that.  I think it was because he looked like a Siberian Husky with that mask around his eyes!

Mt. Pulik was beautiful when I went on a little campfire with two wonderful people and Hikup, their energetic dog.  (one of the puppies I helped out earlier in the year)  A rare chance to get a great picture and the ability to see the mountains in the area.

That will have to be it for now, maybe a post tomorrow night during the school sleepover, my last night here in Alaska.

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  1. I can't believe you've been gone for a whole school year. The time seems to have flown...down here anyway. I hope you're leaving with great memories. I know you're leaving *them* with great memories. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!! I have a passel of girls who would love to go geocaching with their favorite "pro"!