Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go out like a lion?

I thought it was come in like a lion, go out like a lamb?  Not come in like a lion, go out like a lion.

It didn't really matter though.  We enjoyed it when we were able to get out in it!  There was a good lot of snow dumped on us in very short order.  It doesn't stop school here, they still come, we still have class and it's still fun to watch it come down all day.  It's just hard to image it like this all the time.  But, here I am, living with the snow, all the time!

This storm was particularly fun because of the wind that would rustle up the snow that had fallen and create some pretty monster drifts.  It would blow the falling snow onto my front porch/stairway and it even made it a bit hard to open the door because it was so deep at one point.  You can see in the picture that I had not made it outside yet.  I have this nice big window in my kitchen that looks right down the stairway.  The snow was piling up on the handrail, stuck to the side of the windbreak and this was taken BEFORE it started sticking to the door.  At this point there was about 5 inches on the landing before I went out and cleared it off.
Now, when you get this much snow, and then it packs down as it clears, there is a bit more ice around to sled on.  The kids love this and we took one afternoon to go and play after school.  You see that races down the hill by Icicle Foods are a popular sport.  What you don't see is that the races don't always end with everyone making it down the hill.  Some slide off to one side and into a bank, some fall off a sled while the others continue down towards the bottom.  We all have fun and it breaks the cycle of school and home.

My good friend Debbie and I went out for a little walk across the lake one day while the snow was still around.  While walking across the lake, we ran into some wolf tracks.  I thought they were pretty cool.  A little scary they were right in town but we knew they had been in town already.  I was happy to get some pictures of the prints.  We started up the hill after walking across the lake and found ourselves "post-holing" and decided to head back down the hill.  I figured instead of doing that on the way back down, I was just going to roll instead.  What you'll see here is me at the bottom, my roll marks in the snow.....encouraging Debbie to do the same.  I giggled, then she giggled and rolled part of the way down.  I'm sure she'll not forget that any time soon!

 This was also the time where I got to go and pick up a piece of my art that I will be bringing home with me, a locally carved mask from whale vertebra.  This is NOT my mask, but another one carved by the same artist.  I just thought this was too cute not to photograph and I know that a friend of mine will like to see it!

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